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Hypothermia Guide to download

Following on from the earlier informative piece in the Fell Runner Magazine on Hypothermia, available to read here:

The Fell Runners Association after some consultation with myself have brought out a concise pocket edition.

It is small enough to fit in a first aid kit or just to pop in your rucksack pocket. They are trying to raise awareness of the dangers of Hypothermia and to provide a better understanding of it causes and responses.

Although aimed at fell runners this is a valuable piece for all who use our hills and if it helps prevent one case then it has been worth it.

You can download this handy hypothermia guide and carry it with you on the hill.

Click the image below to download the pdf document.

Hypothermia Pamphlet download

You can download a pdf reader here if required

Emergency blanket to combat hypothermia

Hypothermia in Fell Running

It is well known that fell runners do not like carrying heavy spare kit.  We want to feel free in the elements and be as unencumbered with kit as possible.

For most of us keeping cool on a big climb is generally more of a concern than how to keep warm.  Red faces and sweaty bodies are nature’s way of regulating our temperature Continue reading